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Top 10 Double Eagles on the PGA TOUR

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Check out the top 10 double eagles on the PGA TOUR (excluding majors), featuring Hunter Mahan, Carlos Franco and Ernie Els. .

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35 thoughts on “Top 10 Double Eagles on the PGA TOUR

  1. I was wondering WTF a double eagle is, turns out it just another example of Americans trying to change up already established naming conventions, it's an albatross mate!

  2. Ok, here it is April, 2017.. I just read all the currently 228 comments here and have to laugh along with the majority that the USA announcers refuse to call this 3 score albatross… One reason other than the many others mentioned here is because when any person or announcer makes reference to a player "having doubled a hole" it means what? double eagle??? double bogey??? …. Of course it means double bogey as that is naturally the much easier and more likely outcome of any given hole played… which leads me to another "complaint"… Ever since I was a youngster learning about golf I have always been disappointed that the creators of modern day golf did not give each hole score (up to a certain # over) a different name… I think bogey is a cool and fitting name for a hole score of one over par but I wish the guys had been more creative in giving unique names to worse plays…. they could have come up with some cool sounding names in which golf scoring as we know it would be way different… If it was me creating it I would have made names all the way to plus 5 or 6 but of course I'm not since the game is already well established… carry on now…. 😉

  3. Notice the announcers from the 90s or earlier never tried to pass off shots as live when they weren't. Today, they will magically cut to a player who is 9 shots off the lead, showing him for the first time ALL TOURNAMENT just before he drains a 70 foot putt or holes out from 140 yards and will say something like "Over to 8, here's ….." without ever acknowledging that it is on tape.

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