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Top 10 Goals of the 2016-17 Regular Season

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The Top 10 goals from the 2016-17 regular season include some amazing efforts from Tavares, Matthews and Crosby among others

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43 thoughts on “Top 10 Goals of the 2016-17 Regular Season

  1. Spurgeons goal was ranked too high or probably shouldnt have even been on the list. Also Matthews 2nd goal on his debut night where he dangles the whole sens team was waaay prettier then his falling down goal, would have put his falling goal where spurgeons is, and his debut night goal #2.

  2. Wow, Crosby's one hand backhander takes some serious wrist strength. Impressive. #2 was lame though. It's not difficult at all to swipe a puck like that while falling down. The highest skill goals were #8, #5, and #1. In my opinion. Well, Tavares' goal was skilled too, seeing as he had to transfer hands midway through.

  3. #8 was nasty. I've been doing that move since I was 16. Works almost every time. It is so uncommon that nobody expects it. Nice to see it utilized on the big stage. #5 too. That's a similar version of the same type of move. Those are roller hockey dangles being pulled off in the NHL… awesome!

  4. How is Granlund's slaughter of the Kings starting 3v3 lineup not even on this list? He dangled $35 million in Kings salary and scored for the OT win. In 12 seconds.

  5. I know I'm a little biased but Kane should be #2 behind Crosby. Made the deke and the far side snipe, while horizontal, with Pacioretty all over him. You won't see another goal like it.

  6. Im a Pittsburgh'er, and Crosbys goal deserves #1, but lets get one thing straight that i keep seeing; by no means did he split the defense, he just kinda skated up the ice, no one really pressured him. If you're gonna comment, know what your talking about.

  7. Some of these goals weren't really all that great compared to other great goals. Chris Conner made a one handed goal like Crosby did here in overtime to win way back in 2010. Look it up. The best was spurgeons imo, grabbing that out of midair and shooting it like that. Pretty cool

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