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44 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Brutal Professional Sports Fights Ever – NBA, MLB, NFL

  1. For all the dumbasses thinking we watch sports for fighting your fucking stupid. If I want to watch a fight I'll watch UFC or mma you dumb fucking pussies why the fuck would I watch a boring ass sport like rugby or soccer just to see fights? Lol you are sounding just as ignorant as you say the author is. I personally think there have been better fights between teams. Also it says MLB NBA and NFL so it's not misleading fucking dumb ass brits. No wonder you guys got your asses kicked….I think they are scared because American football is taking over London lol lol watch UFC if you want to see a fight pussies not rugby or Futbol. Hahahaha and by the way fans fight here in America too we are just a little more civilized and don't need to see whose dicks are bigger because we know the answer. Just a game if you wanna fight for a real reason I'm game. Pussy Brit dick beaters.

  2. Lol at all the Euro trash and people from 3rd world nation hellholes bitching about how there's no soccer in the video. Fuck your 3rd world sport It's only popular because it's so cheap, shithole places like haiti and Kyrgyzstan can play it. And Europe is turing more 3rd world by the day anyway so no wonder they like it.

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