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Ultimate Tennis Volley Lesson – Drills and Tips For Beginners

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Correct volley technique is CRUCIAL to being comfortable and confident at the net. The bad news is, most players overcomplicate what should be the simplest shot in the game. Here’s how you can build (or rebuild) your volleys from the ground up to be a reliable weapon…

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13 thoughts on “Ultimate Tennis Volley Lesson – Drills and Tips For Beginners

  1. Awesome video! So grateful for all the videos! I am going to start practicing everyday, but have not be able to find a partner to play with everyday. I was planning to buy a tennis ball machine and use it to practice with. My first question is if I can use a tennis ball machine with these drills? Also, what tennis ball machine would you recommend?

  2. Is good positioning also important ti have guality contact with the ball? Coz i can see the other player struggling to have a quality contact because of the positioning.

    Lastly about footwork and anticipiation whether the ball will be at the forehand or back hand. is It? also important?

  3. Hey Ian, how can I effectively measure my progress as a tennis player? Sometimes it's hard to tell if you're getting any better if you're not competing in tournaments or playing frequently with other people.

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