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Week 25 | AT&T Goal of the Week

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Go to and cast your vote for the best goal from Week 25 of the 2017 Major League Soccer season.

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26 thoughts on “Week 25 | AT&T Goal of the Week

  1. Gee, I wonder if in the comments section there will be one dude who says Giovinco is too good for MLS and another guy who tries to make himself sound like he has football IQ by saying MLS is not good.

  2. Leechlive your so dumb Nagbe is poo giovinco scored 11 free kick how much did Nagbe score 0. your just some dumb Portland fan what happened when it was Tfc vs Portland it was 4-1 go Tfc and giovinco Portland and nagbe SUCK

  3. So Giovinco, Giovinco, or Giovinco? This one is tough. lol. Nagbe's was beautiful too though. I'm going with the one touch in mid air and through Bush's legs. It looked sick.

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