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What If Stephen Curry Was Drafted By The Knicks?

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What if the New York Knicks took Curry in the 2009 Draft?
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Thank you to NBA 2K16 for making this video possible.
Thank you to Chad Ford, as I used your NBA mock draft articles when changing Draft results.
And a final big thank you to where I found most of my information when redoing the NBA seasons.

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44 thoughts on “What If Stephen Curry Was Drafted By The Knicks?

  1. You totally disregarded Klay Thompson and his ability to lead a team. Jennings, Klay, Iggy, Draymond, and Cousins, oh n David Lee wouldn't win more than 50 games?

  2. Wait a minute didn't he say that the Knicks traded mozgov and Tyson Chandler to clear up capspace for Carmelo . Later he said that the Knicks traded Tyson Chandler and other stuff for Dwight Howard How did they get Tyson Chandler back ?

  3. Sorry but the Knicks would get a championship, also Linsanity happen as the Knicks would have enough point guards, it could happen but starting over Curry is not plausible.

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