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Where Sports meets Humanity! Amazing Video!

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33 thoughts on “Where Sports meets Humanity! Amazing Video!

  1. this is what truly defines sportsmanship… when the victor shows gratitude to the loser… and when the loser is there to congratulate the victor… like when Dale Earnhardt won his first Daytona 500… EVERY single team member from EVERY SINGLE team was there to congratulate him on FINALLY winning that race… or two opposing pitchers in baseball shaking hands and congratulate each other… or two opposing football players (NFL) pray together after a touchdown… these are just but a few things that show good sportsmanship… as for the disabled wrestler… his backstory was that he wished just ONCE, he could wrestle on the school wrestling team… these people made that happen, which made this kid VERY HAPPY… the kid had cerebral palsy… he could comprehend what was going on with his life, though he could not really show it… if you watched the video closely, you would see a HUGE smile on his face… that of satisfaction…

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